Jorja Perkins Davis

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I must begin by saying I am not Gordon's staunchest fan and supporter. I find his style too smug. In comparing [Teenage Survival Book with You!], however, I find that his changes are generally positive, his additions so-so, his deletions disappointing and some things he left as they stood, I wished he'd revised. He has made some steps toward making this edition less objectionable by leaving out the picture of nude teens and many of his off-color jokes and cartoons. Gordon has updated some of his essential reading bibliographies, but his lists of recommended fiction and nonfiction for general reading reflect his adult interests and not the young teen to whom the book itself is directed. His statistics on sex were updated, but the one on life-time earnings was not. He has updated the flavor of the text by changes in catch words (sexual orientation for sexual preference, etc.): at times, by revising his slant (He has dropped the statement that people can choose their sexual orientation): and adding sections on disabilities (advice for having or approaching those with) and his smugly liberated views on and reaction to the Moral Majority. He has added new poetry and rather than his general statements on moving out of boredom, he gives a list of things to do by yourself…. The section on VD is not updated to include Herpes. He has maintained the workbook browsing style of You! decreasing further its usefulness in a library setting.

Jorja Perkins Davis, in her review of "Teenage Survival Book," in Voice of Youth Advocates (copyright 1982 by Voice of Youth Advocates), Vol. 5. No. 2, June, 1982, p. 44.

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