Sol Gordon Gary Bogart - Essay

Gary Bogart

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

One doesn't read a book [like You] so much as experience it. And believe me, there are experiences here too numerous to count. Basically the book is a potpourri of comments on the various subjects mentioned in the title, all surrounding a core of six comic books…. If my antennae are any good at all, I can safely predict that YAs will flip over this book. I can also predict that many adults will squirm at its frankness in dealing with certain subjects often deemed taboo for teenagers. To be sure, some of the material is in questionable taste; I sometimes felt that [Sol Gordon and Roger Conant] were trying very hard to shock. But much of the material is excellent—the comic book on V.D., for example, is both informative and clever. Furthermore, the authors manage to speak to young people without condescension, offering sound advice for a terribly traumatic period of life. (p. 641)

Gary Bogart, in his review of "You: The Psychology of Surviving and Enhancing Your Social Life, Love Life, Sex Life, School Life, Home Life, Work Life, Emotional Life, Creative Life, Spiritual Life, Style of Life, Life," in Wilson Library Bulletin (copyright © 1976 by the H. W. Wilson Company), Vol. 50, No. 8, April, 1976, pp. 641, 655.