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Sohrab (SOH-rahb), the champion of the Tartar army. Little more than a boy but the mightiest warrior of the Tartar hosts, Sohrab, restless and dissatisfied, seeks Rustum, a Persian, the father he has never seen. Hoping that his fame will reach his father’s ears, he asks Peran-Wisa to challenge the Persians to a single combat, with each side choosing a champion for the duel. Sohrab, the Tartar, faces Rustum, the Persian, on the field of battle, and Sohrab is transfixed by Rustum’s spear. Before Sohrab dies, father and son become known to each other.


Rustum (REWS-tuhm), a Persian chieftain and champion of the Persian army. Meeting the challenge of the Tartars for a duel between a chosen warrior from each side, Rustum, unknowingly, faces his son, Sohrab. He transfixes and mortally wounds the youthful champion with his spear. As the victim’s life ebbs away, Rustum learns the identity of his son. In an agony of grief and remorse, he promises to bear Sohrab’s body to the palace of his fathers.


Peran-Wisa, the commander of the Tartar army.


Ferood, the leader of the Persians.


Gudurz, a Persian chieftain.


Zal, Sohrab’s grandfather.


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