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If you had to argue that either genetics (nature) or environment has the greater impact on human development, which would you pick and why?

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What you choose to answer this question is up to you, but there is compelling evidence that nature and nurture are not in opposition to each other. For example, as the blog from Psychology Today (see the link below) explains, twin studies suggest that many variables, such as intelligence and anxiety levels, are influenced by both genetics and the environment, in a roughly fifty-fifty split.

As the blog post explains, scientists believe that one's genes and environment have complicated interactions with each other. One's genes can affect the way one interacts with the environment. Also, one's environment can affect the expression of one's genes. For example, a person can have a genetic tendency towards depression, and that might affect the person's friendships or relationships by making others less likely to want to be around that person. In turn, this can affect the person's depression, worsening an already existing condition. Another example is one's intelligence. If one has potential but lives in a poor environment in which there is little interaction with books or learning, it would be difficult to bring out that potential. Therefore, there is a constant interaction between genetics and the environment. Perhaps there are other examples you can think of in which genetics and the environment interact or in which one is more important than the other.

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