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Write an essay about "My Virtual Child."


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Pearson's "My Virtual Child" allows you to raise a virtual child from birth to age 18. It asks you to make a number of decisions for your virtual child over the course of their lifespan, and it factors in those decisions as the virtual child grows—allowing you to see the effects of your decisions over time.

As a result, there are potentially dozens of interesting essay topics to explore based on "My Virtual Child."

One of the most straightforward would be simply to raise a virtual child and write about the experience. There are other options as well, however.

For instance, one could write an essay that discusses how specific child development facts or topics are applied in "My Virtual Child." For instance, how well does the program itself track and report on typical versus atypical child development? Where could it be improved?

Another idea is to write about the use of "My Virtual Child" as a teaching tool. How helpful is "My Virtual Child" in helping its users understand child development? How well does it demonstrate the effects of certain child-raising decisions on development? Which students or professionals would benefit from raising a virtual child through the program? How could the program be improved as a teaching tool?

You could even write an essay comparing "My Virtual Child" to other virtual child-raising games or tools, like The Sims series of video games. How does "My Virtual Child," as a program designed specifically for teaching, differ from The Sims, which is designed for entertainment? How is it similar? Would there be any benefit to using The Sims instead of My Virtual Child, or vice versa?

Regardless of the topic you choose, remember to include:

  • A thesis statement that states the point you're trying to make in the essay. For instance, "My Virtual Child is a helpful tool for understanding child development" or "There is little material difference between My Virtual Child and The Sims 4."
  • Examples that support your thesis statement (meaning they're likely to help your reader believe your thesis statement is true).
  • Citations to any outside works you refer to, like your child development textbook or other reference works, and to the software itself.

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