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Write a six-page term paper about "My Virtual Child" in a child's chronological development. 

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There are potentially dozens of interesting paper topics to choose from based on Pearson's "My Virtual Child" and its application to child development or developmental psychology, and a term paper is plenty of space to cover any of these topics in-depth.

One simple, straightforward approach would be to discuss how certain child development theories or topics apply to your virtual child at each stage of their development. Because "My Virtual Child" is designed to demonstrate these principles in action, writing this paper will be a matter of reviewing your virtual child's various life stages, identifying certain child development points, and talking about them.

For example, if your virtual child's report says they can focus their eyes on you at four months old or that they're spending a lot of time watching people, you might mention in your paper that the ability to focus vision and an interest in watching others is considered "typical" physical development for humans at four months.

Or, if your virtual child is riding a tricycle at age two but your child development textbook says that most kids can't pedal a tricycle reliably until age three, you might mention in your paper that your virtual child's physical development is ahead of the curve.

Since "My Virtual Child" covers the ages from birth to age eighteen and you have a six-page term paper to fill, one easy way to ensure you're spending the right amount of time on each life stage is to discuss three years of your virtual child's development per page.

Remember to cite your sources as you write. For instance, if you say "My virtual five-year-old has started engaging in parallel play, which is a typical activity at age five," cite the source that told you that this is a typical activity for five-year-olds (such as your child development textbook or another source).

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