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Would someone please help me with a clear understanding and explanation of the functional perspective of group decision making and "Adaptive Structuration Theory" from Marshal Scott Poole?

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 Giddens' view of Adaptive Structuration saw it as the production of social systems through group members’ ways of using different rules or resources in how they interacted with each other. Poole and others adapted the Giddens theory in studying the interactions of and organizations and groups with IT . They called it 'Adaptive Structuration Theory.' This theory is critical of the technocentric perception in the use of technology. It highlights the social aspects and the ways in which groups differ in how they implement IT and now social media. Groups and much larger organizations who use IT at work in a dynamic way create views about the role and use of technology, and how it can best be applied to their tasks. However experiments show that perceptions are very varied across differing groups and change the way IT is used so the effect on group outcomes can be lessened. For example , the same technology can be  introduced to two different groups but the observed effects might not be the same because each group makes different decisions as to how it can be employed. The new digital media will have a profound effect on the ways groups (or 'crowds') move and interact together in the future.

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