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Is world peace possible?

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The world has undergone periods of relative peace, but absolute world peace, no.  At times when the world has only one superpower, whether it is Rome, Britain, or the United States post-Cold War, the world is not in any danger of major conflict, i.e. war between two or more large states.  However, all states use war to enact their policies, and even when there has been one major power, there has still been times of war.  When Rome was the major power after their war with Carthage, there were always rebellions in Gaul and Germany to put down.  Britain fought several little colonial wars during the time of Queen Victoria, a time of relative world peace between 1856 and 1914.  America sent troops to Somalia, Bosnia, and Iraq after the Cold War with the Soviet Union.  In addition to wars over state interests, there are also wars of religion; these have been going on for thousands of years and show no signs of abating.  One could make the argument that today the world is more unstable than ever before, as non-state actors such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their associate organizations have worldwide impact and seem to attack nations and people indiscriminately with more destructive weapons.  Using purely secular answers, I do not believe absolute world peace is possible.   

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