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What would be a Socratic dialog regarding in the problem of evil?

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A Socratic dialogue would begin with the essential question. In this case, the question might be “How would you define evil” or “What would be considered evil.” The answer of this would then lead to questions and discussion about experiences with or of evil. After having discussed this topic you might arrive at a value statement about the nature of evil. What assumptions or presumptions are indicated by this value statement? How are these biased? What do they say about the objectivity or subjectivity of the persons involved in the dialogue? What principles can we arrive at with regard to opinions of evil based upon the conclusions arrived at through the Socratic dialogue?

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What would be  a Socratic dialog on the problem with evil?

Socratic dialogue takes place in small groups and is designed to think both independentally and reflectively. The facilator's role is to encourage the group in seeking an understanding and/or consensus with regard to a topic. The idea is to increase knowledge and understanding of the topic through the discussion. So a socratic dialogue on the topic of evil could include questions like: How is evil defined? How is evil recognized. Can an evil act lead to a positive consequence? Can evil be unintentional. The open and honest answers of the group is essential. No one must be willing to provide pat answers or unwilling to give uncomfortable or controversial answers if the understanding of the topic is being advanced.

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