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In what ways might gender affect the distribution of leisure activities in folk or popular culture?

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Gender affects the distribution of leisure activities in folk or popular cultures because societal constructions of gender have an impact on what activities are deemed to be appropriate for men and women.

In social science terms, gender is something that is socially constructed.  Every society has its own vision of what is appropriate for men and for women.  This means that gender is different from sex because sex is a physical and biological thing while gender is socially constructed.

A given society‚Äôs vision of gender roles affects the sorts of leisure activities that men and women are allowed to do.  For example, there have been many times and places when it was not acceptable for women to wear anything less than voluminous clothing in the presence of unrelated men.  This made it impossible for women to engage in things like swimming or sports in those folk and popular cultures.  Cultures also tend to prescribe what types of sports are appropriate for women.  For example, in our culture, we are only now coming to accept the idea of women playing any sorts of very rough sports.

Thus, gender impacts the distribution of leisure activities because societies use their visions of gender to help decide what activities men and women can engage in.  

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