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What kind example can you provide in which social media had a positive impact? In your view is this generational issue?

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I will provide two examples of how social media are useful to me.  One could be seen as generational while the other could not.

One of these examples is the example of Facebook.  Facebook has had a positive impact on my life.  It has allowed me to get back in touch with people who were my friends in times past.  This can be seen as a generational issue.  People who are still young typically have not had time to lose touch with old friends.  I, by contrast, have had plenty of time to do so.

The other example is a language learning site.  On this site, people write posts in a foreign language which they are trying to learn.  Native speakers of that foreign language correct their posts.  They, in turn, correct the posts of people who are trying to learn their language.  This site has been very helpful to me.  It has helped me to improve my mastery of Japanese.  This is not a generational thing as there are young people as well as people my age using this site.

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