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What is the definition of gender?

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Gender can be defined as a set of socially constructed characteristics associated with men and women.

As these characteristics are constructed by society, they impose certain expectations on individuals: how they are expected to behave, what kind of jobs they do, what kind of relationships they engage in, and so forth.

In many traditional societies, for example, the prevailing gender roles determine that women should stay at home and look after the children while men go out to work and provide for their families. In many modern societies, these roles are not quite so rigid, so there are numerous men who stay at home while their wives or partners go out to work.

A distinction is often made between gender and sex. According to this distinction, gender is something with which one identifies, as opposed to sex, which is given at birth. Sex is binary, either male or female. As gender is chosen, however, it is a much broader concept than sex and transcends its binary nature, allowing individuals to identify with a gender different from the sex in which they were born, or none at all. Some people choose to identify as neither male nor female, but transgender, non-binary, or gender-neutral.

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