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what is the biggest influence does the media have on politics?

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I think that one can find the largest influence of the media on politics in terms of candidates seeking to present themselves in the best of lights through the media.  It has moved to a realm where policy logistics no longer define a candidate's approvability or acceptance.  Rather, it is through social media outlets, focus groups, test demographics, and essentially, how the media ends up portraying a candidate.  In this, the media has a large role in the political process.  Candidates have to have a slew of media advisers on their staffs in order to fully gauge and understand how their political aspirations can be depicted to the public.  The media occupies a large role in this condition.  It is the media to whom the candidates end up striving to endear in their depiction to the public.  A gaffe could prove costly because the media, in all of its forms, will play it repeatedly.  When Senate hopeful Todd Akin of Missouri made his comment about "legitimate rape," the media's power was on full display.  When seen in this light, one can view the immense power the media holds in being able to depict candidates in a particular manner and way.  This helps to accentuate the power that the media has in its depictions of candidates to the public.

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