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What attributes make a nation a superpower in today's geopolitical model?

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The attributes that make a nation a superpower in today's geopolitical model are a substantial military force and the ability to project power and influence on a global scale. At present, there is only one nation that meets all these criteria, and that is the United States.

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During the Cold War, which raged for nearly fifty years, there were two recognizable superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States has been the world's sole superpower, enjoying unchallenged supremacy in its ability to project power and influence across the globe.

Many countries have very strong economies, such as Germany. Yet they are not superpowers, because they lack global reach. The same could be said of countries with formidable military strength, such as the Russian Federation. What makes a superpower a superpower is its ability to achieve a dominant global position, and at present, that only applies to the United States.

However, it has been argued by many commentators that the People's Republic of China, with its growing economy, large military, and willingness to project force, is in the process of becoming a superpower. With bold international infrastructure initiatives like the Belt and Road project, China is certainly becoming more economically and politically dominant. However, it has not yet attained anything like the same level of worldwide dominance as the United States, and so, for now at least, there remains only one superpower.

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