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What are the advantages and disadvantages of development?



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The question does not identify if the term “development” is referring to the development of land, economy, or technology. Therefore, at least one advantage and disadvantage for each of the three categories have been identified below.

Development of Land

The development of land will draw people into a region. This is beneficial because it will spark the economy of that area.

The development of land can have adverse effects on the environment. One of the most immediate consequences of deforestation is erosion. Erosion is the movement of soil to a new location. Without the roots of the trees to hold the soil in place, the soil becomes free and loose to move by wind, animals, or rain. This movement of the earth can cause the forestry that does remain in a deforested location to become unsettled. The unsettlement of these trees could affect their root systems and prevent the trees from absorbing the needed nutrients. Even worse, the trees may become so unsettled that they become uprooted, fall, and die.

When deforestation occurs, the habitat(s) of many organisms is disheveled. Thus, deforestation can also cause a decrease in the biodiversity as the organisms emigrate to other habitats in order to survive.

Development of the Economy

A developed economy is able to compete with other countries. According to, a developed economy leads to increased employment rates, an increase in the standard of living, an enhancement in tax revenues, and better public services.

Increased production of goods is often associated with economic development. Industrialization can have an adverse effect on the environment. For example, factories may emit pollutants into the air or water.

Technology Developments

Technologies can increase the speed and precision in which products are developed, thus improving the economy of an area.

Technology development may hurt smaller local businesses that do not have the financial means or know-how to convert their existing businesses methods into more tech-savvy strategies.


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