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What are the advantages of democratic governance?

What are the disadvantages of democratic governance?

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Democratic governance has both advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is that it allows all citizens under a government to have a direct impact on the policies of a country. There would also be less corruption in a purely democratic system due to the fact that there would be many individual voters on each policy instead of only a few policy makers to sway. Also, each individual is considered an equal in making policy choices so that there is no policy preference given by race, gender or socioeconomic status, only the majority.

One of the major drawbacks of democracy is that it requires a great deal of coordination for every citizen to vote for every issue. This is one of the reasons why the United States of America and many other countries have a representative democracy instead of a direct democracy. The country was (although with the advancement of technology may not be any more) simply too large for it to be feasible for everyone to have a vote on every issue. Also, in democracy everyone gets a vote no matter if they are familiar with the actual legislation and its effects on themselves and the country as a whole or not. Someone who is highly educated and informed about an issue has the same voice as someone who knows nothing about it.

While a democratic government is often viewed as a milestone in a country's development, the equality that it affords to citizens only extends so far at the education and involvement of the voters in all aspects of legislature. As soon as the chain is broken between the citizens and the laws being created or as soon as there is a gap between education and understanding what a proposed law means, the benefits of democracy are diminished.

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