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Utilizing the National Crime Victimization Survey, what you would study specifically with that survey?

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If I were going to study something using the NCVS, I would look at the demographics of crime victims of various types.

The NCVS collects a great deal data about the respondents, including such things as the race, the income level, the age, the marital status, the educational achievement level and many other things.  It then goes on to look at the types of crimes, if any, that the respondent experienced.

Using this information, I would try to look at various characteristics and see if they were correlated with victimization.  For example, were older people more likely to be victimized?  In what ways?  Was this really connected to age or were other variables (like how many people in the household) making it appear that age was the variable that controlled the amount of victimization.

I would look at these types of issues--issues centered around who is victimized by what kinds of crimes.

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