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Taking kids out of school for class in order to travel would be beneficial. What are the pros?


I'm trying to gather supporting points for this topic.

Expert Answers

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I do not know if I agree with this, but if you want pros on this position, then I can think of three of them.

First, schools today often give busy work and not real work. So, to take a child out of school is not a big deal, especially if the parents are intelligent. They can teach the child well and more effectively than educators in many schools. Just look at the home school movement and the state of our public schools.

Second, if the goal of education is to make global citizens, what can be more important than the classroom of the world? Travel would be great!

Third, traveling can be and is educational. So, to see traveling and education at odds is a false binary. You might be able to argue that by traveling, a child will learn more, especially if they go to places like museums.

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