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Should the United States be as involved as it is in foreign affairs?

Is it time to step down from the position as a “global policeman” and withdraw into our own borders, or are we in the right?

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There is, of course, no objectively correct answer to this question.  It can be argued either way.

On the one hand, we can say that we ought to become less involved in the world for a number of reasons.  We can say that it costs too much money at a time when we are increasingly strapped for cash as a government.  We can say that it is time for other countries to step up and to bear the costs of doing things like keeping the world safe. 

On the other hand, we can say that it is a bad idea to entrust our vital interests to foreigners.  For example, we have a vital interest in a stable Middle East because so much of the world’s oil comes from there.  Upheaval in the region would hurt the global economy, thus hurting us.  From this perspective, it seems unsafe to trust other countries to see to our interests.  We can also say that no other country that seems willing to step up would have the right values.  We may not really want to see the world dominated by China, for example, since we are skeptical about its intentions in the world.

Thus, it is impossible to answer this objectively.  It is an inherently subjective question and each person must decide which of these sides they find more persuasive.

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