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Should schools take a stance or should they be neutral in the teaching of sex education to teenagers?

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The topic of whether schools should take a stance or be neutral in teaching sex education to teenagers is fraught with controversy. Many educators who have studied the topic appear to agree that sex education should be nonjudgmental and fact-based, which would imply that schools should try hard to remain neutral and impart information without seeming to moralize. In structuring sex education courses, schools that try to pursue a neutral stance and just provide facts recognize that teenagers do not always have easy access to facts that could help them make informed decisions about relationships or sexual activities. Thus, taking a neutral, fact-based approach would seem the most efficient way to reach the goal of keeping teenagers physically and mentally healthy.

Nevertheless, taking a stance is probably unavoidable in certain situations. For instance, in an academic institution based on religious precepts, the school might be likely to filter information taught in its sexual education courses through the teachings of that particular religion.

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