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Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt in every state?

Currently, seventeen states allow same sex couples to adopt. Objections by the majority of states who do not allow homosexuals to adopt or foster children include, primarily, concerns over the redefinition of the “family.” These people claim that children are best raised by both a mother and a father. Furthermore, they worry that gay parents will raise their adoptive children to also be gay. Proponents of gay adoption counter with the facts that gay couples often stay together longer than straight couples and that many children of straight parents are raised in single parent homes, while gay couples can give a child two full-time parents. Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt in every state?

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There are currently no studies that show that same-sex couples are worse parents than traditional couples. The studies do show that any couples with unstable relationships will adversely affect the childen. Same sex couples do sometimes have unstable relationships, but so do traditional couples. Also, while a traditional couple can have a child by accident, a same-sex couple has to go through the extensive process of adoption.
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A person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person’s ability to parent a child.  Love, stability, patience, security, and time—these are the requirements for raising a child.  Whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual --he/he or she/she or he/she have the ability to care and support a child.

In March 2012, a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics indicated that approximately 270,000 children are being raised by same sex couples. 

Not a single study has found that children of gay or lesbian parents are disadvantaged in any respect in relation to children of heterosexual parents.  Often the home environment enables children to be more adept in psychosocial growth. 

There is no evidence to suggest that same sex parents have a determining influence on the sexual orientation of their children. 

There certainly is a need for adoptive parents.  Approximately, 130,000 children need homes today. Every state in the union allows single parent adoptions.  Equate a single parent home with a two parent home—obviously; the winning family might be the one with two parents regardless of what sex is.  One more person to love, take care of, and watch over the child makes much more sense.  With a thorough background check of any family [same sex or heterosexual couple], that couple should be allowed to give a needy child a home.

If the same-sex couple lives in Arkansas, they can  legally adopt a child.  Next door, in Mississippi, it is prohibited by law for same sex adoption.  Some states take it case by case.  However, if a person is single, he would be able to adopt a child in any of the states. There is no logical reason for this situation.

According to Michael E. Lamb, chief of the section on social and emotional development at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development:

What evidence there is suggests there are no particular developmental or emotional deficits for children raised by gay or lesbian parents. . . . These kids look fine.

The legislature and courts need to think more about the children who need home and loving parents than about the sexual orientation of the couple.

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I'll approach this more from a political science point of view.  To me, the real issue is whether everyone in the US should have the same basic rights.  I think that people in all states should have the same basic rights and therefore the rules about adoption should be the same in all states.  

The ability to adopt a child is a major right.  It is not something like a speed limit that should be allowed to differ from state to state.  It is not right that some Americans should enjoy a fundamental right while others are prohibited from enjoying that right simply because they live in different states.  

To me, federalism should allow for differences in minor kinds of laws, but not on laws that affect fundamental rights.

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With all the toss away children in this world, yes, any couple which can provide a loving home should be allowed to adopt. I really don't see why a gay couple should not be parents when so many children are in the foster system with its temporary feelings, or abused and neglected, or simply want their own home with parents. Since I believe that to be gay is to be born gay, I don't believe that gay parents would do anything or could do anything to make the child gay. Why should anyone interfere when a child is taken into a loving home and is cherished and loved as a child should be? Please, world, get over this gay thing! Instead, fight for the throw away children in this world!

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