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Research hypothesizes that an adult responds differently to the same baby depending on how the baby is dressed. Design a research study.

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Scientific studies are generally set up to test the effect of one variable (called the "independent variable") on another variable (called the "dependent variable"). In this study, the item of clothing the baby wears would be the independent variable. The adult's reaction to the baby would be the dependent variable. Each variable needs to be classified. For the independent variable, we could have three classifications: for example, red clothing, blue clothing, and white clothing or dressy clothing, play clothing, and minimal clothing. For the dependant variable (adult's reaction), we could have four classifications: very favorable, mildly favorable, mildly unfavorable, and very unfavorable.  Bring the baby out and allow him or her to interact with each adult for ten minutes. Record the adult's reaction via digital camera. Review interaction and determine the extent to which the adult's reaction was favorable or unfavorable. The more adult subjects in the study, the more representative and reliable the research will be.

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