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Provide an example of a problem in the world today that has an economic dimension and discuss how it might be solved.

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Most of the problems and difficult situations in the world today do have an economic dimension, and we can list many such problems including the lack of proper healthcare, crime, failures in education, infrastructure breakdowns, and unemployment. All of these issues are, at least in part, centered around economic difficulties.

We'll focus on the lack of proper healthcare. This is an issue in part because of the price of healthcare. Over the last few years, healthcare costs have soared, and insurance costs have risen right along with them. Many families cannot afford insurance or at least cannot afford insurance that allows them to receive the care they need without high deductibles and co-pays. Therefore, they often fail to get medical care even when they need it. Their income simply doesn't allow them to pay for it.

If you choose healthcare as a topic for your discussion, you might use the search term “healthcare affordability” in your online research. You will find some sources that discuss the issues and offer some solutions to this problem.

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