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Nowadays are blood relations more important or is friendship more important.

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The answer to this question surely depends on the culture in which you live and even on your own specific values.  There is no way to say whether family or friends are more important for all people in all places.

In some ways, we can say that friends are becoming more important than blood relations.  In many countries, people no longer live near to many of their relatives as more people move around the country and live in different places.  When we no longer live very near to our cousins and grandparents and such, they lose some degree of their importance.  Our friends become more important because they are the ones with whom we come into close contact more often.

On the other hand, we can argue that family is still more important than anyone else.  We are connected to our family regardless of what happens.  They are the ones who will always be part of our lives.  For this reason, they are more important to us than friends, who are by definition people who can come and go.

These are, however, just general observations.  Different people will feel very differently depending on their culture and their own values.

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