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Malawi is an extremely poor nation. What are the causes of this poverty and what exacerbates it? How might these causes and influences be overcome?

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There are several factors that contribute to the poverty in Malawi.  Farming is very important to this country.  However, land distribution isn't equal.  This means a large amount of land is owned by a small percentage of the population.  Additionally, the growing of crops is negatively impacted by the frequent droughts occurring in Malawi.  As a result, hunger is a big issue in this country.  Malnutrition also is a concern.  Another factor contributing to the poverty is the lack of educational opportunities and the poor quality of many of those that do exist.  This makes it difficult for the people of Malawi to improve their situation.  

There are ways to overcome these issues.  One is to improve education opportunities for the people.  Improving vocational training would be helpful.  Since many of those who are below the poverty line are women, improving educational opportunities for them would also be helpful.  Pumping more money into the economy, especially with micro loans, would help to overcome the poverty.  Having community gardens and farming programs along with improving feeding programs for kids also could help turn this situation around.  Finally, making it easier to get clean water would be helpful.

Malawi is a very poor country.  While overcoming the poverty situation won't be easy, there are some ways that could help to improve the poverty the people face.

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