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Karl Marx and modern communism is a topic I am writing on, and so far this is what I have for a thesis:

Marx's views and arguments that capitalism exploits working people, when re-examined in today society, do not account for the high standard of living enjoyed by a great many workers around the world, one can say economic development is best explained only by Marx labour theory of value or David Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Advantage I think it is both and thirdly, in our current time communism could never work globally but can be successful in one country.

Is my thesis solid for an essay? And what could be counterarguments for each of the three arguments listed in my thesis?

Expert Answers

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For a single essay, it is usually recommended to have a relatively narrow scope. Karl Marx was an expansive thinker and a prolific writer, so it might be useful to identify the specific works and theories from them that you plan to explore.

Similarly, specifying the time period you wish to consider will be important. Even if you limit the modern period you wish to investigate to the post-Soviet breakup, or about a thirty-year period, you will see numerous variations among nations that identify as Marxist-oriented. Even within a single country, such as Cuba, you will find numerous changes in policy and practice.

Global-scale theorizing, especially when it involves a negative proposition, is challenging to support with evidence. For an essay, two main points probably would suffice. The argument that communism could never work globally would be the most difficult to support of the three mentioned. It might be more useful to save it for a different essay and work with your refined version of the first two parts.

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