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How would culture exist if there were no such thing as social "norm"? Would chaos ensue, or would relative peace be kept?

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The lack of social norms would definitely change the way society works. While there are many cultures in the world, most people adhere to certain norms regardless of cultural differences. For instance, social norms maintain some respect between people from different backgrounds. Even if people do not understand others’ values or practices, it is expected that they be respectful and polite to others. Today, such social norms generally allow us to coexist and learn from others without one culture trying to dominate or eradicate another.

The disappearance of social norms could lead to open disrespect for other cultures and might cause a lot of sociopolitical tension. For instance, consider how cultures have different perspectives on social issues like women’s rights and freedom of religion. If people were no longer adhering to social norms, there would likely be a lot of conflict about topics like how much women should work and whether or not churches and governments should be separate.

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