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How would a boy act out his feelings for his mother when looking at Freuds Oedipal crisis?

Expert Answers

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I believe that you meant to ask how would a boy demonstrate his affect to his resentment at his father and feelings for his mother when looking at Freud's Oedipus complex.

The answer depends on whether the boy is manifesting positive complex or passive/negative oedipus complex. The expected manifestations of Oedipus complex among males (according to the earlier versions from Freud) argue that young boys would want to amorously connect with their mothers to the point of envying their fathers. When the fathers react to this, the boys experience phobias and anxieties called psychological castration.  The opposite would happen with little girls wanting to bond amorously with their fathers, substituting their mothers and creating penis envy if they do not achieve their wishes.

In modern days, however, these expected manifestations have come to a different viewpoint. It is widely accepted and observed how boys tend to gravitate towards their mothers while girls "the so-called daddy's girl syndrome" tend to also connect in infancy with their fathers. It may or may not change through time, but it does not show nearly as much intensity in emotion as Freud would have expected to find under a controlled environment using specific participants to prove his hypothesis.

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