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How is domestic violence a social problem?

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Domestic violence is a social problem because its effects reach into many parts of society. Even though the problem usually takes place in the privacy of the home, its ramifications can directly and indirectly affect us all.

For instance, victims of social violence often miss days of work and are...

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less productive in the workplace. This has economic ramifications. Children who are victims or witnesses to domestic violence typically struggle in school and in social and mental growth, as well. This has the potential to lead to consequences for the educational system, which is often responsible for identifying and helping children in this situation. As such, this violence can pull resources away from other parts of the educational system. Domestic violence is also a burden on the legal and law enforcement systems, which spend time and resources dealing with it.

Keep in mind that domestic violence is often part of a cycle. Children raised in domestic violence often experience or perpetrate it as adults. They may either become abusers themselves or enter into relationships that put them at risk for further abuse. This cycle often lasts for generations, and interventions have been shown to have only limited results.

All these other pieces aside, domestic violence is a social problem in a less tangible way, too. The victims and perpetrators of domestic violence are part of our society. There is a tacit agreement between members of a society to do what is best for the other members of that society. When someone is being repeatedly harmed, it reflects on us all. We are all indirectly implicated for a failure to act, and we are responsible for doing what is best to help the victims and punish the perpetrators according to the laws and customs of the society. In all these ways, domestic violence is a social problem.

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Domestic violence is a social problem because it has social causes and social impacts.

Domestic violence is caused in part by issues having to do with society.  It can be caused by the abuser's ingrained attitudes (ingrained by socialization) towards women, for example.  It can at times be caused in part by stress being suffered by the abuser.  These can lead the abuser to drink to excess or use drugs.  This can help the abuser become more likely to act on his/her frustrations and become violent.

Domestic violence also has social impacts.  It can cause problems, in particular, for those who suffer from it and who witness it.  It can cause children in an abusive family to be more likely to do badly in school and, later on, to get in trouble with the law.

Because it has social causes and social consequences, domestic violence is a social problem

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