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How can you write a thesis for specific change if the topic is Homeless People with the three main points being lack of education, lack of afforable housing, and the lack of mental health or access to mental health care?

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The first answer gives you good ideas with which to write a thesis.  If you are trying to write a thesis about specific changes to be made, use the above ideas but include " Specific changes must be made in education, affordable housing, and access to mental health services if homeless people are to improve their lives."  This allows you to be very specific in what you want to change and how it needs to be changed if we are to help this forgotten group in our society.  Many of the homeless also are veterans so that could be part of your suggestions for specific changes in the three areas you wish to discuss. Good topic!

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Your thesis is the statement of what you are trying to prove in your essay.  From your questions, I am assuming that you are writing about how Homeless people need to be provided with these services in order to change their position in society. 

Your thesis statement could be something like - Homeless people are unable to change their situation because of a lack of education, a lack of affordable housing, and a lack of available mental heath services.  If these services were provided to homeless people through government programs or community outreach programs, they would be able to improve their current situations.


Homeless people need to be provided with an education, affordable housing, and mental health services in order to better their lives and current situation.

The first thesis option is negative in connotation, but of the use of the word "lack".  The second option sounds a lot more positive.

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