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I have to write a persuasive piece and I will argue that 'conforming to a stereotype IS NOT the EASIEST option' relating to gender roles.

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I think that there are a couple of elements that can be argued here.  The first is that to conform to a stereotype fulfills the social stratification that has been a part of gender relations for so long.  This stereotype has been embedded in how things have progressed and how individuals have been perceived.  This is one of those options that is not easy to endure in terms of personal relationships and how individuals interact with one another.

I think that another element is that conforming to a stereotype is a negation of individual freedom.  In order to conform to a role based on gender stereotypes, individuals have to sacrifice their freedom and essentially lose their "voice" in the name of the stereotype. This is not the easiest option because it denies the freedom and the autonomy that individuals would want and crave.

In the end, conforming to these stereotypes is reflective of a world of static characters in the place of round and dynamic characters.  Conforming to gender stereotypes is difficult on a personal level because it is embracing the closing of doors and the denial of individual voice.

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