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I have to write a persuasive piece and I will argue that 'conforming to a stereotype IS the EASIEST option' relating to gender roles.

I need help on ideas that I can support my piece which I can use as my starting sentence. All I need is 3.

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Good question. The most important part of a paper is a strong thesis, which you already have - "conforming to a stereotype is the easiest option." Now you need to ask why this thesis is a correct. This is debatable. So, you will need some pretty cogent supporting points if you are going to convince your readers. Here are a few points that might help.

First, you can say that conforming to stereotypes is the easiest option, because that is what the society expects. It is society's view of how things should be. Second, you can look at this point from a more individual perspective and say that people also expect stereotypes to be true. For these two reasons, going with the trend is much easier than breaking it and receiving possible opposition. Third, and in connection to the last point, you can say that it is easier to do for the person who is conforming to the stereotype as well, because he or she does not need to fight an uphill battle.

Finally, you might say that this approach is not the best from a moral point of view, but it is the easiest.

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