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Explain how and why you think the 'Colin Stagg' case breached legal and social constraints, and the consequences of the breach?

The question is about the media's breach of social and legal constraints.

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The legal and social constraints that occurred in the case of Colin Stagg were a consequence of him having being framed by the UK police for the murder of a woman and, after the media frenzy and demonizing that occurred as a result of it, he still was found innocent and compensated with hundreds of thousands of dollars for wrongful accusation.

The problem in this case is that, again, the media gets in between the true facts of the investigation and begins to form a profile of the suspect, making them nearly guilty before even stepping in court. With this, come legalities in the form of slandering, libel, and other things that can mess up a case and make it unfit to go to trial. When the Justice Ognall threw out the case and Stagg was found to be innocent and wrongly incriminated, the media again set its focus on a possible police framing. When this appeared to be the case, the papers began to make public things that should have remained in the investigation department. Then, there is the made up stuff. The press intervened with their own list of opinions and horrible things to say about all the people involved in the case. In the end, the forgotten victim (the murdered woman) still did not get the justice she deserved while the media continued feeding its crazy circus.

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