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During the 19th century, would it be better off living under a Liberal philosophy rather than a Conservative one?

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In general, I would argue that living under a liberal philosophy would have been much preferable to living under a more conservative one such as that advocated by people like Burke or Joseph de Maistre.

The conservative ideas of the time were in my mind oppressive.  The idea, for example, society should be based on traditional ways and reinforced by organized religion is unpleasant.  I would not like to live in a society whose ways are dictated by organized religion.  I also would not like to live in a society in which civil liberties were absent and there was little in the way of represntative government.

I would argue that life under a conservative order was only really good for those who were already in power.  It would have been attractive to me if I were an aristocrat or had ties to the existing order.  Otherwise, I would argue that life under a liberal philosophy (though not a radical one like that of the French Revolution) would have been much better.

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