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Do you agree or disagree that immigrants should learn the language of their new nation? Why?

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This can be a divisive question for many people. Opinions are going to vary from person to person. First of all, learning the language of the nation that you live in will certainly make life easier for you. It will allow immigrants to better reap the benefits of their new home country and contribute more fully. It will open up far more work opportunities than otherwise and allow them to better integrate into society. It will simply make daily life easier. In this sense, I feel that it is in the best interest of immigrants to learn the language of their adopted country.

That being said, I feel that people still need to be understanding of immigrants with limited or no language proficiency. First of all, mastering a new language is not easy. It takes years of dedicated study and practice. Some people, because of age or a particular learning or cognitive deficit, may not be able to acquire a new language. Furthermore, many countries, including the United States, do not even have an official language.

For these reasons, I do not feel that language should be a legal requirement for immigration. However, it will certainly benefit an immigrant to learn the language of their new home.

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