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Describe the overall impact of immigration on the United States.

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Immigration has had many impacts on the United States.  Among the most important impacts are:

  • It has created the "melting pot" nation that we now live in.  The United States's population has been made up of people from all over the globe.  This has created the very diverse society we now live in.  It has also helped make the US a more tolerant place than many countries are.
  • It has helped the United States become rich.  Immigrants have been a source of motivated labor.  People who care enough to uproot themselves from their countries and come here are likely to be highly motivated and hard-working.  The steady influx of such people has enriched our labor force.
  • It has also been the source of contention at times.  We are a country that has had nativist reactions at various times in our history.  These can be seen as the "dark side" of the impact of immigration.

Overall, then, immigration has helped to make us a richer, more tolerant, and more diverse country.

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