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Describe the life of an upper class person.

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Much of this answer is going to be predicated upon the limiting notion that the upper class are fundamentally different than others.  It is difficult to ascertain what is truth in this issue because one's experiences can validate or invalidate any assertion.  

Using literature and what is seen in the media as a guide, one aspect that can describe the life of an upper class person is that they have access to greater opportunity.  If upper class is defined as the top "1%" or the "top fraction of the top 1%," there are more opportunities open to these individuals because the barrier of wealth is not necessarily as much of an obstacle.  This might result in the form of being able to "enjoy nice things" that others could not.  Perhaps, it manifests itself into having homes that "regular" people do not have.  Amenities in these homes might also be present, such as a "car elevator."  Individuals who are considered as part of the upper class might live in an area that is fundamentally different from most other areas.  Georgetown, Scarsdale, Kenilworth or Atherton are examples of the areas in which the upper class live.  They are surrounded by other upper class individuals in what amounts to be an economically gated community.  This aspect of being is not necessarily diverse because it is reflective of how wealthy people congregate around one another.  The upper class person's neighborhood is distinctive because its homogeneity strikes at the heart of the pluralist diversity that resides as America's fundamental strength.  While the amenities and the neighborhood would be evident in the life of an upper class individual, another reality could be that their tastes can be molded by their wealth.  They could afford to hire a cook or someone to prepare meals that they wish to have.  The upper class person is not limited by "food deserts," or areas that experience limited access to a variety of healthy foods.  Individuals who enjoy economic wealth are able to obtain the foods they wish and are not necessarily limited by what is around them for they have the means to transcend such a condition.

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