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Describe changes you observed in your family as you grew up.

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Moves, additions to the family, divorces/separations, and significant religious, political, and personal changes within the family unit are certainly topics to consider when thinking about familial changes as one grows up.

For instance, the first big change that occurred in my family as a child was our move from living on a boat to living on a farm. This meant that our four-person family unit was no longer in extremely close proximity to each other the vast majority of the time. The space on the farm meant being allowed not only physical space to explore but emotional and mental space to grow as an individual.

Such a change could certainly foster more independence in growing children as well as allow for more healthy alone time for the adults in domestic partnership with one another. My sibling and I developed a greater sense of responsibility as we were tasked with helping care for the farm animals and tend to the vegetable garden. A larger variety of responsibility ushered in greater opportunity to mature and become more independent.

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