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What is a current event that is a direct result of corruption?

Must be an event that took place in the last 10 years.

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Corruption in government is ubiquitous, on the national level (Secret Service prostitution in Columbia, for instance) and in the local levels (Jimmy DeMora in Ohio is a currect example – any of hundred Chicago incidents, for example where a local official sought to “sell” Obama’s vacated seat, can be researched).  In business, too, the kind of corruption of professional ethics demonstrated by Rupert Murdoch is a good example to research; in sports, corruption by drug use (or Pete Rose’s betting on baseball games, or the corked bat scandals--although these specific examples are more than ten years old) could be researched.  So the word “corruption” usually associated with public trust, is really applicable to any violation of the “ethics” of a discipline—plagiarism is corruption in education, as are sexual liaisons between teacher and student.  Somebody famous once said “Power corrupts,” and that is where you can start.  As for research, do not simply rely on your first Google hit – search newspaper and news magazine content; browse TV coverage, ask news-conscious adults what stories have interested them in the recent or distant past.  So you might want to first determine which field—business, local government, sports, entertainment, law (jury tampering, withholding exculpatory evidence, etc.)—you would like to explore, then narrow your topic down to a specific case, where the allegations and the facts make an interesting essay.  Be sure to discuss both (or all) sides of the issue you choose.

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