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Critically evaluate the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022, discussing its origins, intentions, and achievements


The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022 was created to address high rates of violence against women in Australia, aiming to implement social change and hold perpetrators accountable. Despite over three billion dollars in spending, evaluations and external sources suggest mixed success, with some areas seeing increased violence, especially during the pandemic, raising questions about the plan's overall effectiveness.

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Write a critical essay evaluating the workings of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022.

Your first step in preparing your critical essay about the background, features, and success (or failure) of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022 is to read the plan itself. Look closely at its features, especially its four action plans, and make note of its goals and evaluation strategies. Read about the background for the plan, the reasons why it was developed, and look for statistics that show how it has been implemented.

As you research, think about your thesis. You should be getting a sense of whether or not the plan has succeeded in any of its goals. Depending on what you discover, you might argue that the plan has been completely successful, that it has not been successful at all, or that it has produced a mixture of successes and failures. You will need to find solid evidence to support your claim, including statistics, quotations from authorities, anecdotes, case studies, surveys, and so on.

The outline of your paper should follow the essay prompt. Begin with an introduction that contains a solid hook to catch your readers' attention. State your thesis, and provide an overview of the points you will make to support it. Next, include a paragraph or two about the background of the plan. You can mention the statistic that one in three Australian women has been a victim of physical violence and that one in five has been a victim of sexual violence. The need for the plan is clear.

Then outline the plan's major goals, strategies, and implementation. Briefly describe each of the four action plans. This section doesn't have to be long. Just write a summary before turning your attention to the main part of your paper, namely, your evaluation of the plan. Progress reviews will provide you with some information, but look for nongovernmental sources as well for a broader perspective. One source, for instance, notes that the plan has resulted in over three billion dollars in spending over the past twelve years but has not cut violence at all. In fact, violence has increased in some areas.

Your essay should end with a conclusion that restates your thesis and sums up your main points. You should leave your readers with a suggestion or a point to ponder.

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How should I critically evaluate Australia's National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022 for an essay discussing the plan's origins, intentions, and achievements?

To begin the assignment, focus on the background information for the development and implementation of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022. First, address the National Plan's rationale and intentions. It was implemented to address Australia’s deficient regulatory protection of women and children and the alarming prevalence of violence against women.

According to government documents, the plan was consistent with other initiatives geared toward the protection of women and reformation of gender rights and equality in Australia. Proponents of the plan believed that Australia's Sex Discrimination Act of 1984 did not provide adequate protection against discrimination and violence towards women.

Moreover, Australian statistics indicated alarmingly high rates of various forms of violence. Government documents indicated that roughly a third of women in Australia above the age of 15 had experienced some form of physical violence and nearly one in five had experienced some form of sexual violence. Thus, according to government documents (see sources cited below):

“Violence against women is a fundamental breach of human rights, and sexual assault and domestic and family violence are the most pervasive forms of violence perpetrated against women in this country.”

The plan was put into effect because

Perpetrators of violence must be held accountable for their behaviour and the consequences of their violence.

In other words, the plan was implemented to create a framework for social change. It was earmarked to target domestic and family violence as well as sexual assault and other forms of violence against women.

Another part of the assignment is to assess the plan's success. Did violence towards women decline after its implementation? During the pandemic, violence against women has risen substantially, according to publications such as the newspaper The Guardian. Whether the pandemic statistics are an aberration or an accurate reflection of the inadequate protections the plan imposed could be an important element of your analysis.

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