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Considering the importance of identifying norms within a team, why is clear communication considered an essential element during team development?

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One particular reason why norms within a team are dependent on clear communication is because if people in a unit have come to agree on accepted norms, it is only through the process of communication.  The  development of identifying norms in a team or norms that bind a unit are only possible through team development of such practices.  This only happens through clear communication.  Successful norms are not merely implanted on a team.  They grow and develop through consistent and clear communication of team members. Team members assess which norms are working and which ones need improvement.  This is the basis for clear communication.  If this communication is absent, norms are no longer as effective, team members don't feel as if they have a voice, and the entire process of working as a unit through agreed norms breaks down.  It is here where I think that clear communication becomes essential when identifying norms within a team.  The idea of participatory collaboration is dependent on accepting and being able to critique norms that work and refining ones that don't.  This is where communication has to be clear and is vital to such a process.

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