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What role did women play in World War II, and how did they benefit from this role?

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Because so many men voluteered or were drafted during World War II, there was a shortage in the workforce.  Women took jobs that men would ordinarily have held, to keep production going, and to help the war effort.  We don't think about this, usually, but during a war, weapons and ammunition must be produced, as well as tanks and airplanes. There were uniforms to be made, too. Women played a large rĂ´le in this kind of production, as well in other jobs.  You may have heard of "Rosie the Riveter," who was a symbol of the effort of women in the war.  Once women entered the workforce in large numbers, they realized that they could do as good a job as men in the world of work, and did not have to all be stay-at-home moms. Ultimately, the efforts of women during World War II set the stage for legislation in 1964 to prevent employers from discriminating against women

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