So Far From God

by Ana Castillo

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Topics for Further Study

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Last Updated on July 29, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 128

After researching the effects of gambling addiction and its prevalence in states with lotteries, race tracks, and casinos, compare the way gambling addiction works to Domingo's situation in the novel.

Compare the spiritual and psychic healing methods practiced by Dona Felicia and Dr. Tolentino to both more traditional forms of Western medicine and faith-healing.

How do Fe's work experiences and Sofi's local activism compare to the more national program of labor and social reformers of the Hispanic and African-American communities?

Considering how the Chicano/a movement began in the U.S., how does the novel illustrate the difficulties of being female and Hispanic in American culture?

Research and view some Spanish language "tele-novellas,’’ (Hispanic soap operas). Compare the narrative structure of these "tele-novellas'' to So Far From God.

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