Is Father Heaney in Snow in August a hero?

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Father Heaney is a good man, and it would be reasonable to see him as a hero. Aside from the respect of his community and the code of honor he lives by, he also served as a wartime chaplain.

Though he is a man of few words, Father Heaney is someone that Michael knows he can go to for help and guidance. Father Heaney is clearly respected by Michael and the community. Michael also knows that he can go to him for honest answers. When someone tells Michael that Jewish people killed Jesus and he asks Father Heaney for the truth, Father Heaney responds with contempt for the people who told Michael that. He explains the truth of the matter and helps the boy have a more clear understanding of the situation.

Father Heaney lives by a code of honor that guides his choices and actions. When cruel graffiti is spray painted on the synagogue, Michael goes to Father Heaney. His sense of community, respect, love, and care is strong, and Father Heaney gathers together a group to go help the rabbi at the synagogue. This shows that his faith isn't just something he says; it's a code that he lives by to help those who need it and to express love through actions.

The clear respect he's earned and the code of honor that he lives by make Father Heaney a hero in the novel.

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