The Sniper Topics for Further Study
by Liam O’Flaherty

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

Research the Irish civil war. After you have conducted your research, write a paper analyzing ‘‘The Sniper’’ from a historical point of view.

Imagine that you are directing a movie version of ‘‘The Sniper.’’ How would you direct the final scene? What kind of emotions would you ask your actor to convey?

Write an essay describing how you think the sniper feels at learning he has killed his brother and what he does next. Does this event keep him from further participation in the Irish civil war?

Investigate another civil war or conflict that has divided families, friends, and communities. Use what you have learned to write your own short story exploring the way that such conflict affects members of society.

The events surrounding the Irish civil war brought to the forefront many important political leaders. Research one of these leaders, either a Republican or a Free Stater, and find out about his influence on Irish history.

Find out more about the role that religion has played in Ireland’s history from the late 1800s through the present day.