The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In the previous best-selling novel of this series, THE LAST CAMEL DIED AT NOON, the Emersons and their son Ramses stumbled onto an amazing discovery — a secret oasis in the Nubian desert that harbored living remnants of ancient Nile civilization. After taking custody of a young girl, born in the oasis to British parents but reared as Nubian royalty, the Emersons returned to England without revealing the details of their discovery.

When she arrives in Egypt with Emerson the following winter on a new archaeological expedition, Amelia has fond hopes of enjoying a second honeymoon to rekindle the romance that seems to have disappeared from their thirteen-year marriage. These hopes are dashed when Emerson is abducted by mysterious enemies determined to discover the location of the lost oasis. The ever-resourceful Amelia joins forces with her loyal foreman Abdullah to rescue Emerson, who fails to recognize his faithful spouse. After traveling to the archaeological site at Amarna in the company of trusted friend Cyrus Vandergelt, a wealthy American and archaeological enthusiast, Amelia divides her time between keeping the amnesia-stricken Emerson out of further trouble and unraveling the clues that seem to indicate the return of the Emersons’ archnemesis, the Master Criminal. As Emerson slowly regains his memory, Amelia comes ever closer to uncovering the identity of their mysterious adversaries. The surprising conclusion proves once again that Amelia Peabody Emerson is more than a match for the most devious criminal minds.