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(Great Characters in Literature)

Lilian (Lily) Dale

Lilian (Lily) Dale, the younger daughter of widowed Mrs. Dale and niece of the squire of Allington. She falls in love with Adolphus Crosbie, and they become engaged. Adolphus asks her uncle for a dowry. Refused, he still intends to marry Lily, but later, at a house party at De Courcy Castle, he suddenly becomes engaged to the more wealthy Lady Alexandrina, whom he marries. Lily stays at home, refusing a steady suitor whom her family wishes her to marry. She helps to arrange a match between her sister Bell and a young doctor.

Christopher Dale

Christopher Dale, the squire of Allington, a dour but well-meaning member of the country gentry. He allows his widowed sister-in-law to live rent-free in the small house at Allington. His kindness is finally appreciated when he does all he can to help Lily after she is jilted. He also tries to arrange a marriage between his heir and Lily’s sister, his favorite niece. At the end, he settles money on both nieces.

Mrs. Mary Dale

Mrs. Mary Dale, the widow of Philip Dale, the squire’s youngest brother. She has accepted the squire’s offer of a house for the sake of her daughters. She insists that both her daughters be able to choose their husbands freely, despite pressure from the squire to have Bell marry his heir. Mrs. Dale prepares to move into a small cottage in Guestwick, a neighboring town, so as not to be dependent on the generosity of a man whose advice she will not take; however, when the squire treats Lily kindly, the family decides not to move.

Isabella (Bell) Dale

Isabella (Bell) Dale, the older daughter of Mrs. Dale and the beauty of the family. She is in love with Dr. Crofts, the young...

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