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Last Updated on July 29, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 223

  • Do some Internet research on the medical condition known as coma and make a class presentation about it. What is a coma? What causes people to fall into a coma? Do people recover from comas? What treatment is given to people in a coma?
  • Research the role played by food and the eating of food in religious rituals. What is the connection between food and spirituality? Why do many religions have dietary laws or restrictions? What purpose do they serve? You may use examples from any religious tradition. Write an essay that describes your findings.
  • Write a poem based on "A Small, Good Thing." Try to convey the story and its theme in no more than 20-25 lines. Your poem can be in any form and told from any point of view. As an alternative, you could write the story as a song of maybe 5-6 verses. Remember that in either poem or song, you will not be able to include all the details that are found in the story. You need to pick out the most important elements and find ways of expressing them in the new form.
  • Read the story "The Cathedral," by Carver, and write a short essay comparing it to "A Small, Good Thing." In what ways are the two stories similar? Which story do you prefer, and why?

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