Topics for Further Study

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Write a newspaper article about Andrew's murder of Milo.

Create your own plot for a play in the whodunwhat genre. Write an outline and describe the characters.

The play mentions several characters without physically introducing them What do you think Marguerite is like? Tea7 Write a detailed description of each woman.

Research the psychological ramifications of obsessive game playing and present your findings in a report.

The critic Francis Gillen wrote in Dictionary of Literary Biography that Sleuth contains many important themes of modern drama: "language as instrument of power, the thin line between illusion and reality, fascination with the idea of death as a release from ordinary human restraint, voyeurism as a substitute for genuine feeling, freedom and its illusions." Respond to this statement.

How does Andrew use game playing to give him a feeling of omnipotence? How does this reflect the true state of his life?

How does Shaffer use language in the play7 What do Andrew's and Milo's choices of words reveal about each character?

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