Slavoj Žižek

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Principal Works

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The Sublime Object of Ideology (criticism) 1989

For They Know Not What They Do: Enjoyment as a Political Factor (criticism) 1991

Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture (criticism) 1991

Enjoy Your Symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out (criticism) 1992

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock) [editor] (essays and criticism) 1992

Tarrying with the Negative: Kant, Hegel, and the Critique of Ideology (criticism) 1993

Mapping Ideology [editor] (essays and criticism) 1994

The Metastases of Enjoyment: Six Essays on Woman and Causality (essays and criticism) 1994

Gaze and Voice as Love Objects [editor; with Renata Salecl] (essays and criticism) 1996

The Indivisible Remainder: An Essay on Schelling and Related Matters (essays and criticism) 1996

*The Abyss of Freedom/Ages of the World [with F. W. J. von Schelling] (essays and criticism) 1997

The Plague of Fantasies (criticism) 1997

Cogito and the Unconscious [editor] (essays and criticism) 1998

The Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology (essays and criticism) 1999

The Žižek Reader [edited by Elizabeth Wright and Edmond Wright] (essays and criticism) 1999

The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime: On David Lynch's “Lost Highway” (criticism) 2000

Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left [with Judith Butler and Ernesto Laclau] (essays and criticism) 2000

The Fragile Absolute, or, Why Is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For? (criticism) 2000

NATO as the Left Hand of God (criticism) 2000

Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?: Five Interventions in the Mis(use) of a Notion (criticism) 2001

The Fright of Real Tears: Krzysztof Kieślowski between Theory and Post-Theory (criticism) 2001

On Belief (criticism) 2001

Repeating Lenin (criticism) 2001

Jacques Lacan: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory [editor] (essays and criticism) 2002

Opera's Second Death [with Mladen Dolar] (essays and criticism) 2002

Revolution at the Gates: Selected Writings of Lenin from 1917 [editor and author of the introduction and afterward] (essays) 2002

Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates (essays and criticism) 2002

Organs without Bodies: On Deleuze and Consequences (criticism) 2003

Perversion and the Social Relation [editor; with Molly Anne Rothenberg and Dennis Foster] (essays and criticism) 2003

The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity (criticism) 2003

Conversations with Žižek [with Glyn Daly] (interviews) 2004

Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (criticism) 2004

*The Abyss of Freedom/Ages of the World collects a critical essay by Žižek along with the full text of F. W. J. von Schelling's Die Weltalter (second draft, 1813) in English translation by Judith Norman.

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